MCPD Releases Video of Batman in Action

Police dash-cam captures Batman's traffic stop.

Just before 11 a.m. on March 21, for not displaying his license plate, a traffic stop that landed on national news. Batman's true identity was soon who visits children in hospitals to lift their spirits.

Now, police have released the video of Batman's traffic stop—part absurd, but mostly endearing.

"Batman's going to be stopping at Southbound 29 at Prelude [Drive in White Oak], and again no tags, it's just got the Batman seal on the vehicle. It's a black Lamborghini and a driver dressed as Batman," the officer reports. The office later goes on to joke, "You can send me Robin if you wish," when asked if he needs backup.

When the officer asks to see the driver's registration, Batman must get out of his Batmobile, nearly losing a door to oncoming traffic and dig about the car searching for tags.

About 10 minutes later, after posing for a photo shoot with the responding officers, Batman is on his way, cape billowing in the wind. His mission: visiting sick kids at Georgetown Hospital.

According to Montgomery County Police Spokeswoman Angela Cruz, the officers did remind him he should have the car's legal tags attached in the future. "Ultimately, if he still doesn't have tags on the vehicle, officers will probably pull him over again," Cruz said.


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