Report: Plans for Clarksburg High School Addition Move Forward

Plans will go before the Montgomery County Board of Education in early 2013, The Gazette reports.

Preliminary plans for an addition to the overcrowded Clarksburg High School are expected to go before Montgomery County Board of Education in early 2013, The Gazette reports.

Clarksburg Principal James Koutsos told The Gazette that the two-story addition would ease “overflow” at the school, which is using 11 portable classrooms and may add one or two more next year.

In November, the school board approved $11.8 million for the addition.

A new cluster of schools in Clarksburg was formed in 2006-07 to accommodate an enrollment surge spurred by a housing growth Upcounty, according to data from the MCPS Division of Long Range Planning.

But enrollments keep growing at Clarksburg schools. The 1,909 students enrolled at Clarksburg puts the facility over its 1,575-student capacity, according to MCPS enrollment figures obtained by Patch.

Growth also is being felt in the middle and elementary schools.

According to MCPS enrollment data, a new middle school is expected to open in August 2016 to alleviate projected overcrowding at Rocky Hill Middle School.

Also, a new elementary schoolis expected to open for the 2014 school year to alleviate crowding, The Gazette has reported.

Fran Asbeck December 28, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Clarksburg High is overcrowded? It was just built a few years ago. The planners didn't know houses were being built, people were going to move in? Why are these so-called planners on the public's payroll? This next-year Clarksburg grandpa demands resignations of the idiots in charge.
James Miles December 28, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Interesting? The county can find funds and resources to add on to Clarksburg but can't seem to renovate Seneca Valley High School which is falling apart. The logic within our county's senior leaders never ceases to amaze me. Another reason I can't wait to move out of Montgomery County.
Ds862 May 10, 2013 at 12:46 PM
What's also interesting is that the nearby Damascus High School attending student population is continuously dwindling as the areas it pulls from ages, and teachers there are being laid off because there are not enough students attending to keep them at the school. This is causing a strain on the school, trying to continue to keep all its programs with fewer and fewer teachers. This addition to Clarksburg is absolutely unneeded-- just send some of those kids BACK to Damascus! For many of those students, DHS is 5 minutes away.


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