CC! Week: "Adult Heroes in OUR Community" Essay Contest Winners (Pt. 4)

As part of National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week in Gaithersburg, Patch shares the winning essays of the 2012 “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

As part of Gaithersburg's "National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week" celebration, elementary and middle school students participated in an “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

Participants wrote about someone who has had a positive, personal influence on their lives related to one or more of the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring and fairness. Of the 135 entries, five winners — all Gaithersburg 5th graders — were selected.

Each day this week, Gaithersburg Patch will share a winning essay from the city's “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

Thursday's winner is Melissa Briceno, of Washington Grove Elementary School. Melissa selected her pre-k teacher, Washington Grove's Cindy Fitzgerald, as her hero. In an essay titled, "My Hero," she wrote:

My hero is Mrs. Fitzgerald because she is always kind to everyone. She is a teacher at Washington Grove Elementary School and she was my teacher when I was in pre-k. She is my hero because she cared for me by listening to me and making sure I was safe. She was one of my best teachers!

She is trustworthy because if I need to talk to someone I can trust, I can trust her. She respects everyone around her, if someone is talking to her she respects by listening. She is responsible because she is dependable, you can depend on her to do a job. Also she is responsible with her things and her students.

She always plays by the rules and she treats her students fair. She is a very caring person. She is kind with her words and actions. She cares for all her friends, family, and students.She is a good citizen because she tries to make the world around her a better place. She tries to make everyone happy. She always smiles at you.

She is special to me because she cares for me. This summer she took me on a trip to Baltimore to the science center. Also I had a great experience beingin her class. She helped me learn English. That’s why she’s my hero! 

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