CC! Week: "Adult Heroes in OUR Community" Essay Contest Winners (Pt. 2)

As part of National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week in Gaithersburg, Patch shares the winning essays of the 2012 “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

As part of Gaithersburg's "National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week" celebration, elementary and middle school students participated in an “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

Participants wrote about someone who has had a positive, personal influence on their lives related to one or more of the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring and fairness. Of the 135 entries, five winners — all Gaithersburg 5th graders — were selected.

Each day this week, Gaithersburg Patch will share a winning essay from the city's “Adult Heroes in OUR Community” essay contest.

Tuesday's winner is Jenny Chang, of Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Jenny selected her Mom, Young Mi Chang, as her hero. In an essay titled, "Better Than a Superhero, My Mom!" she wrote:

As loud as thunder, as quick as light!! She soars high above others, no ordinary superhero, she’s my mom!! As great as any other, my mom, Young Mi Chang, is caring, responsible, and trustworthy.

First of all, my mom is very caring. If I’m ever uncomfortable or scared, she calms me and comforts me. If I’m ever sick, my mom gives me medicine, makes me hot soup, and makes sure I get lots of rest. My mom cares for my entire family, providing us with everything we need to survive…So as you can see, my mom is as caring as a mother deer.

Second of all, my mom is responsible. She takes care of one child, a late teen, a hard-working husband, and works full time. At work, my mom follows directions like us kids and is  also responsible for cooking lunch and cooking delicious goods to sell.

Lastly, my mom is trustworthy. She does what she thinks is right and she is the most honest person I know. If she ever makes a promise, she keeps that promise. You can also trust her with any secret, so you might have guessed that my mom is as trustworthy as George Washington.

My mom is caring,  responsible, trustworthy and loving, but my mom is more than just a normal mom to me, she’s my hero.

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