SPEAK OUT: What Do You Hate About Political Commercials?

Do you see any value in the onslaught of political ads?

Just like holiday decorations that seem to appear in stores earlier and earlier each year, it seems like every election cycle features the ubiquitous campaign ads sooner and sooner.

At times, it seems like the usual TV ad buyers—Coke, Apple, Honda, etc.—can't even find 30 seconds to squeeze their messages in between attack ads.

Do these ads provide value, or do they simply confuse potential voters?

On the national stage, pro-Obama ads target the now infamous "47 percent," Bain Capital or Mitt Romney's apparently changing positions on hot button issues. On the red state side, ads attack Obama on health care, the economy and foreign policy.

Locally, races in Virginia seem to sink even deeper, with candidates slamming each other on education, abortion and job creation.

In Maryland, it is becoming more difficult to discern whether Question 7 is a good or bad thing for the state, with countless ads on both sides of the issue.

So, feel free to step up onto this virtual soapbox and share your opinion of political ads with your fellow Patch readers.

DRC November 02, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Unfortunately, Barbara, I've found that there are too many puppets who are not paying attention to the issues AT ALL!!! I fear the days of an honest election are way behind us.
Steven Cohen November 02, 2012 at 02:04 PM
I hate that people respond to them. If you thrive on fear and lies you have the perfect excuse to abandon the hard work of rational thinking. I think folks might keep in the old axioms 1) every complex problem has a simple answer that is wrong. 2) politics is the art of compromise 3) a lie repeated enough becomes the truth
Eric S. November 02, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I hate that the election cycle officially starts AT LEAST as early as the previous election, if not earlier these days. As to the ads themselves. . . the almost unique problem that we're bombarded with ads for Virginia because of the ad market. . . the fact that thanks to a dumbass Supreme Court decision, anyone can pool money essentially anonymously and put up an un-endorsed ad ("I didn't say that Candidate X eats babies. The Free Hat Coalition said that!") . . . AND THEN THERE'S THE VOLUME OF THE ADS! IF YOU DON'T LISTEN TO THE FACT THAT SENATOR HAT MCCULLOCH KILLS AND RAPES BABIES (IN THAT ORDER!!!) AND YOUR BABIES ARE NEXT, WE HAVE TO SCREAM AT YOU LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, basically, I pretty much hate that political discourse in this country has come down to the level of, well, comments in internet forums. We can't afford four more years of internet trolls running our airwaves. I am a independent voter, and I approve this message.
Carol Powell November 02, 2012 at 08:22 PM
I can't speak for other media but broadcast television's hands are tied by the laws regarding political advertising. The laws require that as long as the proper legal disclaimers are on a political ad the television station MUST not only carry it but accept whatever the content is AND sell it to the campaign at what's called the "lowest unit rate". Having worked for many years in a role responsible for FCC compliance for one of the network affiliates in our area I speak from experience. I might have had to use a ruler to measure how big the "PAID FOR BY" disclaimer was but I was not allowed to question the content of the advertisement.
Carol Powell November 02, 2012 at 08:27 PM
What's driving me crazy at the moment is the ad on AOL for the Dream Act. Whenever I go to check my e-mail it starts without prompting and won't shut down! I am offended by it on two scores; it's got Obama's voice, thus giving him a free ad and it's being forced on me by AOL permitting it to become part of their service. I am voting against the "Dream Act" BECAUSE of this.


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