SPEAK OUT: Washington Post, Gazette Endorse Delaney For 6th District

Democratic challenger receives key endorsements ahead of Sixth Congressional District race.

The Washington Post and The Gazette believe in change for Maryland's 6th Congressional District.

The two regional publications endorsed political newcomer and Democratic challenger John Delaney over 86-year-old incumbant Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, who is seeking re-election for an 11th term.

According to The Washington Post:

Mr. Delaney is an excellent candidate — shrewd, smart, hardworking and independent. He would be a standout representative for the 6th District and a marked improvement on Mr. Bartlett. We endorse Mr. Delaney...

Mr. Delaney is a newcomer to politics, but he is exceptionally well-versed in domestic issues. Moreover, he has the problem-solving skills to be an unusually effective congressman. Mr. Bartlett, after 20 years, is something very different: an ideologue who has become a part of the problem in Washington and in Congress.

According to The Gazette

...Delaney is the best choice to represent the district.

This is not a normal district and Delaney is not a normal Democrat. His capitalist background has more in common with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney than President Obama, driving his views on the importance of balancing the budget and reinvigorating a sluggish economy. His views on social issues, however, fall well within the Democratic mainstream.

Read The Washington Post's full endorsement of John Delaney.

Read The Gazette's full endorsement of John Delaney and candidates in the 3rd and 8th districts

SPEAK OUT: Who do you support in Maryland's 6th Congressional District race, John Delaney or Roscoe Bartlett? Tell us in the comments!


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