The Lack of Time Frames for MVF & SVHC

It has been a topic before i.e. where homeowners are given time frames to make corrections on their homes when and if they receive a 'so-called' Notice of Violation.  But no such time frame for MVF or SVHC to perform adequate inspections or to note violations.  Case in point i.e. was being cited for a storm door installed in 1983 but not cited till 2007.  Vinyl siding, house numbers and light fixture installed in 2003 but not cited (suspiciously) till very end of 2012.  But the recent situation is a parking regulation sign that has been missing since January.  Numerous alerts & photos sent to MVF since January yet no action has taken place for six (6) months.  If an HOA is going to mandate parking regulations and legally enforce regulations and parking restrictions, then adequate signs should be posted.  What I find more troublesome is if the most simplest of issues can not be resolved in timely fashion (if at all), then how can the larger, more dire community issues get resolved.  Answer to that is all around me...homes in disrepair, signs missing, trash and litter 24/7, drain systems backing up onto common ground walks, etc.  How does an HOA or those designated with responsibility (under corporation status and via the mandated assessment fees residents pay such corporations) to manage community property expect residents to take pride in a community when it has been quite apparent the example set by absent representatives leaves 'much to be desired'!  Rhetorical!  Should we residents begin to send MVF and SVHC 'Notices of Violation' and threaten them as well with administrative fees and trips to court as they so readily do to residents? 
Sharon June 16, 2014 at 08:35 PM
I have been emphatically informed in today's formal letter (that I had to request since neither ARB nor SVHC bothered voluntarily to get back to me regarding any decision) that I 'must' remove my house numbers by 8/15/2014. Should I assume that was a typo on ARB's part and that I have free reins (as they), exemption from time frame and that I can comply anytime between now and 2035? If that be the case, I will make sure I get a 'pass' from Gate of Heaven administrative office to allow me to 'exhume' myself long enough to remove those damn numbers. Heehee!
Sharon June 17, 2014 at 10:15 AM
Beautiful day! Time to share another excerpt from my upcoming Best Seller as I enjoy my morning coffee. Excerpt: I have learned over the years & via my personal experience with MVF & SVHC to 'appreciate' (because I do, believe it or not, have a sense of humor...LOL!) the definitions or fictitious concepts of the following titles bestowed upon Board members and employees of both entities...director, specialist and consultant. Particularly take seriously (NOT) when one Board member makes public statement that homeowners should not be forced to maintain their homes though he was and is on Board whose one main responsibility states 'oversight and enforcement' of basic home maintenance to protect integrity/"property profile" (term also questionable and thrown out there by MVF/ARB) of communities. And, when another Board member (at the time of following episode was a 'volunteer' for HOA), comes to my 'neck of the woods' regarding concern over a once beautiful, established evergreen that was slowly and suspiciously dying. Evergreen was showing signs of demise and, before such totally took over the shrub that 'graced' entire hill (that was the domain of my HOA to adequately maintain), I notified my HOA. I suspected what the problem was which I will get to at the end of this 'comedy'. Well, an HOA representative (after much coaxing) shows up with a garden book and a 6 oz bottle of bug spray informing me that my HOA couldn't really afford anything else "due to budget" and that she had 'graciously' purchased the spray herself. {Talk about placating a concerned homeowner!}According to her, the suspect was 'spider mites'. My internal thought at the time was "Dear Lord, who am I dealing with but whatever floats her boat". Turned out (after a 2-3 year struggle to get a representative here to inspect or address, during which time more and more of the evergreen was turning brown and brittle) her "spider mite" was a rat the size of a miniature schnauzer who had burrowed and made his home under that evergreen for 3 years. Ended up costing HOA far more than it would have to resolve the issue when first brought to their attention because the final outcome was the total removal of massive hillside shrub and the need to lay sod! And HOA seemed far more upset with me for bringing it to their attention when I wanted desperately to save that shrub. Upset that somehow it was I who had cost them money they didn't want to spend! Yep, I do hold a great deal of credence (again NOT and in my usual morning, coffee-induced sarcasm...LOL!) to the titles director, specialist and consultant when used by MVF and HOA. Hummm
Sharon June 18, 2014 at 10:35 AM
More comic relief to what is now turning into my blog to 'publicize' my upcoming book regarding "Life and Times in the Village (of the Damned)". Hummm! As I've noted before in previous comments, I was cited for a non-ornamental mailbox on my front fence as "affecting profile" (and charged $25 by ARB for 'inspection' at which time they observed such a 'critical' {NOT} violation). Well, as of yesterday, residents next door to me have set up what appears to be a 'Shrine to the Blessed Mother' in their front garden. I really have no objection (this parochial school woman sitting here with coffee in hand and laughing) but for MVF/ARB to consider this mantling as 'acceptable' would certainly appear to be that disparaging and disproportionate treatment I have experienced that I will never perceive as anything other than targeting a homeowner who has been vocal not only to the depreciating condition of my community but to that disparaging treatment and citing me was intended to silence this messenger. I would give readers the address where this shrine exists for you to possibly come visit and 'light novena candles' but, as bad as this community has been allowed to become due to lack of oversight by Powers That Be, I really don't want to chance anything as frightening or destructive as a fire for visitors paying homage. LOL!


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