SPEAK OUT: Stink Bugs Make Strong Comeback

Have you noticed the little critters around your house?


Maryland farmers are having a hard time with stink bugs this fall, The Washington Post reports.

The stink bug, which is a sure sign of the season changing, is causing more of an issue this year, according to U.S. Agriculture Department entomologist Tracy Leskey. She adds that researchers are looking to natural predators such as the wheel bug as a solution.

In Frederick County, the numbers have risen by 60 percent from the previous year.

On Frederick News Radio, Susan Trice, horticultural educator and master gardener, suggests a few ways homeowner can deal with the invasive insect. Trice says to seal up and caulk any openings in home, including sockets and weather strips.

What has been your experience been with the Asian insect? Any tips and tricks to share to get rid of them?

Sherry Turner October 09, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Some pest control companies (formerly know as termite companies) offer a stink bug treatment. We had our home treated a year and a half a go and it worked quite well. The downside is that the solution is sprayed on windows and they look terrible as they are streaked and filmy.


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