MVF's heels dug in when it comes to shirting issue of playground @ Lake Whetstone....

Relentless effort for literally years to get the MVF Powers That Be to acknowledge the need for children in ALL the Village to have access to adequate playground.  Pursuit by this one resident is to have such a playground constructed @ Lake Whetstone where there is ample ground for such without disturbing their 'worshipped geese'.  Can not seem to get 'adults' who run the Village to remember the days when they themselves were children.  Kudos to this Bladensburg police officer who included a playground as part of bringing a community together!!!!  http://www.gazette.net/article/20140605/NEWS/140609609/1123/bladensburg-officer-brings-focus-back-to...
Sharon June 06, 2014 at 12:48 PM
Oops, "skirting". And, when and if I have the joy of seeing that playground construction, I am also hoping that equipment includes those children who are 'physically challenged'. How glorious that would be!!!! And even this retiree would find pleasure in a swing or two!
Sharon June 06, 2014 at 01:07 PM
Unbelievable! I have been down on bended knee for years particularly relentless the past 7 years attempting to get playground for three communities in the Village that are basically treated as Cinderella/Stepchildren. Even solicited help of Councilman Rice. MVF & SVHC wouldn't budge and one MVF Board member was adamant when saying Councilman 'had no power or influence' on a forgotten section of South Village when it came to making an decision on a playground!! Now get a look at the following where other communities don't have to beg or spend time coming up with excuse of WHY CHILDREN DESERVE ADEQUATE PLAYGROUNDS (within safe walking distance without risking life or limb crossing busy Village Avenue or MidCounty Highway). Other communities where no one had to 'beg, borrow or steal' for playground and budget approval and subsequent construction: Ed DeSimon playground, $20,550, approved 8/2013; Whetstone pool, community center, tot lot, $1,780,000, approved 2/2012; McKendree Playground/Tot Lot, 29,163. Yet the Powers That Be deny 'disparaging treatment and total absence' in various neighborhoods of the Village! Give me a break!
Sharon June 06, 2014 at 01:08 PM
And these discussions and construction of playgrounds listed above were in process when the then President of the Village showed up for SVHC meeting, sat in the back of the room and piped up "well, most communities are tearing them down". Say what again? He failed to say that once dismantled the children could be expecting bigger, better and cleaner new equipment!! Of course, this is the same man who stated our community had a tot lot; then finally viewed it himself and told me in private communication online that "I wouldn't take my dog there". Our tot lot (which consisted of a four foot in length slide and three steps for kids to climb...whoopee do!) was finally dismantled. And, thus ended MVF's interest in OUR children. No replacement playground has ever been constructed 'anywhere'!!!!


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