MV Golf Course: Facts, Concerns, and Questions

The Joint Montgomery Village Golf Course (MVGC) Property Committee held a meeting on June 12, 2014. The featured agenda item was Monument Reality’s new concept plan for Area 1, a town house alternate to the proposed multi-family units with a projected price tag over $600,000. 

First, some facts:

  1. The MV Golf Course development depends on an increase to the Town Sector Zone.
  2. The MV Town Sector Zone designation will occur in two years or so.
  3. the MV Golf Course will close in 2014.

Next, some concerns and questions:

  1. Who will maintain the Golf Course property for the next three years?
  2. What will happen if the Town Sector Zone is not increased? Will the developer abandon the project or scale it back? What does Monument Reality need in a revised Town Sector Zone in order to follow through on its vision?
  3. How did Monument Reality and the MVF Board miscalculate the situation that led to the current state of uncertainty? Where are the strategic planners?
  4. I would like to remind the MVF Board that it has fiduciary responsibility to the residents of Montgomery Village before it considers spending one cent to maintain the Golf Course property. This burden should remain the responsibility of Monument Reality.

An amended Master Plan Process with Montgomery Village broken out from Gaithersburg East will commence in October 2014 followed by a Planning Board Review in one year and a presentation to the County Council in spring 2016.


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