Bad News for those who want to use Sen. Nancy King's Sports' Toilet

Dave Humpton, MVF Executive Vice President, Had some bad news for those can't wait  to use Sen. Nancy King's Sports' Toilet. The South Valley Restroom and Concession Stand has been delayed by at least a year until 2015 at the earliest.

As reported to the MVF Board of Directors, "Mr. reported that South Valley Park concession and restroom facilities had been expected to be open for the lawn theater season, but now it appears that they may not be ready until the 2015 season.There are two main factors leading to the delay. It was determined that tapping into the Montgomery Village Avenue date line as planned would be more expensive because it is a high pressure line. The plan is changing so that the water line will come in from Watkins Mill Road. There are other complications which have slowed the prices, and it has not yet gotten to permitting. MVF has the funds to build the project but it id not yet ready to do so."

The root cause of all this is incomplete staff work preceding the project that bleed the Maryland legislators who approved this project despite Village residents' objections. The MVF staff has been over its head on this project since its inception. As a consequence, the project will be over budget as well.

The questions going forward:

1. How much has MVF spent on Sen. Nancy King's Sports Toilet inception to date?

2. What is the estimated cost at completion?

3. In management parlance, what is the earned value as of May 2014?


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