Question regarding MVF/ARB criteria

Architectural Review Board Staff Liaison:  Diane StasiewiczBoard Liaisons:  Pam Bort, Bob HydornChair Person:  Jeff BrushMembers:  Wayne McGovern, Gary Miller, Liliya Molokova, Kari Salmonsen, Alexandrine Froger, Gary Stevens I would at this time request the following pertinent information regarding the above listed individuals which also would include the Staff Liaison and the two Board Liaison.  Exact information requestedwould be what formal education and training in the field of architecture, the specific college/university degrees received that qualifies each and every one of themthe knowledge and expertise to perform thorough, accurate and unbiased inspections of homes inMontgomery Village.  These inspections by above-referenced individuals often times bring about Village residents receiving notices of violations (with the coined phrase "affects propertyprofile") and penalties, both monetary (referred to by ARB as 'Administrative Fees') and also subsequent scheduled court appearances with MVF imposing the threat of liens (MVF/ARB iron hand approach) on homeowners if homeowners fail to comply to such ARB citations, referred to by ARB as 'failure to comply to correction(s)'.  Within Montgomery Village Foundation, what constitutes and qualifies an individual to hold the title "Consultant"?  For example, if an individual had routinely and intasteful fashion maintained his or her own home for 47 years and been an avid, successful gardener for the same amount of time, would that individual fulfill MVF/ARB's criteria and definition of"architectural and landscape consultant" and one having the ability to decide what constitutes architectural integrity and be considered 'educated' enough, expert in the field, to advise others and basically control architectural regulations to over 40,000 residents?  Final question would be:  which of these individuals are paid employees and which are strictly assigned to inspect communities on an unpaid, volunteer basis?  
Sharon June 18, 2014 at 06:43 PM
As you can see, I presented this question regarding 'criteria' on 6/10/14 not just on PATCH but in a FORMAL, PROFESSIONAL INQUIRY DIRECTLY TO MVF/ARB. Thus far not so much as an acknowledgement let alone answer to that inquiry (which is par for the course when asking legitimate questions as a resident of the Village...one who pays mandated assessment fees to be what they, MVF 'hierarchy', refer to as 'Family Member of the Village' and as one whom they never fail to send updated assessment payment booklets each January or send reminders if payments late with threats of legal action and even lien on home or send me ballots to vote for Board members who thus far have done little to represent my community.
MD June 19, 2014 at 01:52 PM
I've said it once before, we need to all get together and file a class action lawsuit, or figure out a way to disband the HOAs. There are ways and it would take majority votes to get there


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